10 Must-Have Items for Your Newborn Baby

10 Must-Have Items for Your Newborn Baby: A Friend’s Guide to Parenting Essentials

The thrill of welcoming a newborn into the family is like no other. But behind that joy, let’s be real, there’s a storm of questions and concerns, especially for first-time parents. Interestingly, it’s not just the parents who get enveloped in this whirlpool of preparations. Friends and family often find themselves caught in the excitement and the desire to help. I recently found myself in a similar situation when I learned my best friend is due in just four weeks!

Now, my friend and I have been through thick and thin, but venturing into the realm of baby needs was a whole new adventure. What began as a personal quest to help my friend prepare for her newborn soon turned into a treasure trove of insights that I believe will benefit many. So, here I am, sharing with you the 10 must-have items that should be on every new parent’s—and every supportive friend’s—shopping list.

1. Diapers

  • An undeniable staple, diapers are one of the first things you’ll reach for. Whether you’re team cloth or team disposable, make sure you’re well-stocked.
  • Recommended Website: Amazon Amazon offers a wide variety of brands and types, including both cloth and disposable diapers. Plus, they often have deals and discounts.


2. Baby Wipes

  • Let’s face it, babies are messy. From diaper changes to spit-ups, baby wipes are a godsend. Look for hypoallergenic ones to be extra cautious.
  • Recommended Website: Target Target offers hypoallergenic and fragrance-free options. You can buy in bulk and save with their REDcard.

baby wipes

3. Baby Bottles

  • As I was browsing through the store with my friend, we found a plethora of baby bottle options. The best ones are those that adapt as the baby grows, offering various nipple shapes and flow rates.
  • Recommended Website: Target. A great place to find a wide range of bottle options, including anti-colic and organic bottles.

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4. Crib or Bassinet

  • While picking out adorable baby clothes with my friend, we ventured into the territory of baby furniture. A sturdy crib or bassinet that meets safety standards is a top priority.
  • Recommended Website: Wayfair Wayfair offers a plethora of cribs and bassinets that meet the safety standards, plus they provide customer reviews and ratings.

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5. Swaddle Blankets

  • My friend had a touching moment when she felt a swaddle blanket and remembered her own childhood. A breathable cotton swaddle can provide your baby with that cocoon-like security.
  • Recommended Website: Aden + Anais Known for their breathable muslin swaddles, this site offers both stylish and functional options.

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6. Baby Monitor

  • We couldn’t help but marvel at the high-tech baby monitors available today. From audio to video options, pick one that makes you feel the most connected to your baby.
  • Recommended Website: Best Buy A great place for tech gear, Best Buy offers a range of video and audio baby monitors.

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7. Pacifiers

  • Remember those moments when the baby won’t stop crying, and you’re at your wit’s end? A pacifier can be your mini-miracle. Choose one that’s easy to sterilize and replace.
  • Recommended Website: MAM Specializes in orthodontically designed pacifiers, which are recommended by many pediatricians.

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8. Car Seat

  • We realized a car seat is more than just a buy—it’s an investment in safety. Ensure it meets or exceeds the necessary safety standards.
  • Recommended Website: Albee Baby A trusted source for car seats, featuring top brands and models that exceed safety standards.

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9. Baby Clothes

  • From onesies to adorable baby shoes, dressing a baby is half the fun. Stick to soft, breathable fabrics to keep the baby comfortable.
  • Recommended Website: Carter’s Carter’s offers a wide range of cute and comfortable clothes for newborns, made from baby-friendly fabrics.

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10. Formula Mixer

  • If you’re formula-feeding, a formula mixer like the one from Baby Brezza can be a game-changer. It prepares warm formula bottles at the perfect temperature and consistency.
  • Recommended Website: Baby Brezza

baby formula mixer

As I found while accompanying my best friend on her shopping trips, each item on this list meets a specific, often crucial, need in the life of a new parent. Whether you’re an expecting parent yourself or a friend like me wanting to help, this list and the accompanying website recommendations should give you a great starting point.

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