20 Best Excel Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

20 Excel Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity: Your Friendly Guide to Working Smarter, Not Harder

“Looking to breeze through your Excel tasks like a pro? Discover our handpicked 20 best Excel shortcuts! From formulas to formatting, this friendly guide is your ticket to working smarter and saving time. Dive in, and let Excel become your new best friend!”

1. Ctrl + Arrow Keys (Navigate Quickly)

Hey, speed racer! Want to zoom through your cells? Use Ctrl + an Arrow Key to dash to the end of a data region. You’ll be navigating like a pro in no time.

2. Alt + E, S, V (Paste Special)

Love to paste but want more control? Alt + E, S, V opens the Paste Special dialogue. Now you can paste just the way you like it!

3. Ctrl + Shift + “+” (Insert New Row/Column)

Need room for more info? Press Ctrl + Shift + “+” and watch a new row or column magically appear. More space, more possibilities!

4. Ctrl + D (Fill Down)

Don’t type the same thing over and over. Highlight the cells and hit Ctrl + D to fill them with the top cell’s content. Talk about a time-saver!

5. Ctrl + Space (Select Column)

Want to select a whole column with one click? Ctrl + Space has got you covered. Boom, the entire column is highlighted!

6. Shift + Space (Select Row)

Feel like selecting a whole row instead? Shift + Space is your new best friend. One click, and the entire row is yours.

7. F2 (Edit Active Cell)

Dive right into editing with F2. It’s like a welcome mat to your cell, inviting you in to make changes.

8. Ctrl + P (Print)

Ready to show off your work? Ctrl + P brings up the print dialogue. Just click ‘OK,’ and your masterpiece is on its way to the printer.

9. Alt + Enter (New Line within Cell)

Want to break up your text inside a cell? Alt + Enter adds a new line, keeping things tidy and easy to read.

10. Ctrl + F (Find)

Lost something? Ctrl + F to the rescue! Search your worksheet and find what you need in a snap.

11. Ctrl + H (Replace)

Need to make a quick change everywhere? Ctrl + H lets you replace text across your worksheet. Efficiency at its finest!

12. Ctrl + T (Create Table)

Turn your data into a table with Ctrl + T. It’s like giving your numbers a stylish new outfit!

13. Ctrl + Shift + L (Filter)

Sift through your data with ease. Ctrl + Shift + L adds filters, letting you find exactly what you need.

14. Ctrl + Z (Undo)

Made a mistake? No worries! Ctrl + Z has your back. Undo and move on.

15. Ctrl + Y (Redo)

Changed your mind again? Ctrl + Y lets you redo what you just undid. Life’s all about second chances!

16. Alt + H, V, V (Paste Values)

Need to paste only the values? Alt + H, V, V gets the job done without fuss.

17. Ctrl + S (Save)

Don’t lose your hard work. Ctrl + S saves the day, and your data.

18. F4 (Repeat Last Action)

Love what you just did? F4 lets you do it again. Repeat success!

19. Ctrl + Shift + “-“ (Delete Row/Column)

Too much clutter? Ctrl + Shift + “-” clears out rows or columns. A clean slate!

20. Ctrl + Page Up/Down (Move Between Sheets)

Juggle between sheets like a circus star. Ctrl + Page Up/Down moves you through them with ease.

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There you have it, friend! These 20 Excel shortcuts are your keys to a smoother, happier spreadsheet experience. Who knew Excel could be so fun and friendly? Try them out, play around, and watch how your workday transforms. Happy Excel-ing

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